Wednesday, December 8, 2010


*i'm a little late with my thanksgiving post, due to getting very sick just after my lovely break! i'm feeling better, finally on the mend.

Thanksgiving. It's my favorite time of year. I love autumn - the light, the leaves changing, the hearty soups. I've spent the past 4 thanksgivings with friends, in a magical place called Onemo. It is a place that heals me and fills my soul; that gives me strength and reminds me what is truly important and what makes me feel most alive: time spent connecting with a group of amazing friends. I am so grateful to know and love so many unique, beautiful and FUN people. We're a pretty kickass bunch, if I do say so myself...:)

The memories created during these times together are so precious to me. I love to photograph the stunning landscape: its organic textures and scenes leave imprints in my mind that i revisit throughout the year. Thank you to my dear friends for hosting this event every year - it means the world.